Jul 17, 2013


This Thursday, then 18th of july, exhibition opening and book release with: screening, readings, performance and DJ Panchi.

“Spiel im Morgengrauen”, is a book by Arthur Schnitzler that tells the story of a gambler.
With this book, began our reflection about a “Morgengrauen”, a grey morning, placed side by side with mist and desire for the return of a portuguese king, with the icelandic bloody morning.
In other words, the focus of our thoughts was to confront the concept of “Dawn” with its own meaning in different Languages. Addressing it through various perspectives, from the most sociological, cultural and historical dimension of language, until the emotional one.
The book collects a variety of thoughts, translated over different medias, an imaginarium that doesn’t aim to be more than this.

A collective reflection with no borders, methodologies or systems, made by:
Yasmim Assade, Freja Bäckman, Jóhannes Benediktsson, Emilie Bernard, Hyeisoo Kim, Gaelle Kreens, Catarina Laranjeiro, Marta Leite, Barbara Marcel, Dídio Pestana, Eirik Sordal, Benedikt Terwiel, Marco Ugolini, Francisca Villela, Mário Gomes & Elisa Balmaceda, Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela and with an Interview with Gudbergur Bergsson.

Opening and book release — 18th July 8pm

Exhibition 19th — 31st of July