Apr 25, 2012

Es.Col.A solidarity

Thanks to all of those who came to celebrate 25th of April with the the Cinealfinete and the info-meeting about the project Es.Col.A in Porto.

It seems that for the time being the project is back in place.

For those who would like to know more about Es.Col.A you can follow their blog here:

And the short movie (with English subtitles) which could not be screened during the event, due to technical issues, can be found here:

To support the Es.Col.A you can sign an online petition here:

Last week, the project Es.Col.A in the neighbourhood of Fontinha in Porto was evicted by the municipal authorities of Porto, for no apparent reason, except the will of mayor Rui Rio and his political allies. 

The building, where Es.Col.A was set up is an old school house, owned by the city of Porto, which had been standing empty for over five years when it was taken into use by activists. They cleaned the rundown building, painted it, collected material and started a social project for the local community and anyone interested based on open assemblies.

They have offered language courses, courses in painting, music, capoeira etc. and offered a much needed space with activities for kids in the neighbourhood.  

Without prior notice the police cleared the premises with brutal force and outright violence, confiscated and destroyed  Es.Col.A.´s material.