Jan 13, 2012

THE RESCUE OF THE EFFECTS - Notes for a Theory of the Reader

// Opening: January 19, 20:00.
// Aditional opening hours: January 20 – 22, 15:00 – 19:00.
// General Public, Schönhauser Allee 167c, 10435 Berlin

In a landscape where reality has long ceased to be seen without the presence of auxiliary instruments, which constructs at the same time its registration and setting it up as an archive, the experience does not conform directly in contact with the world but as a mediated doppelgänger. In this type of situation we should not forget that each of the disseminating and accumulating structures that support the architecture of the information is itself a technology with a built-in ideological organisational criteria, of inclusion and exclusion.

This project is built from reflections on creative reading with an active attitude regarding materials from libraries, archives, collections or found-materials establishing with a critical fascination some series of narrative itineraries that discover hidden relationships from the intra-history, the creation of fictions and the infraordinary to practice a critical reading of their architecture, an anarcheology of the structures of knowledge and the everyday-life as well as an analysis of structures of consciousness formation.  

This research tries to present projects that blur the boundaries between the practice of curators, historians, researchers, cultural producers and artists. Thus, located in this area of indistinct borders, it essays a significant rearrangement of the cultural materials that restate the questions to be undertaken, as well as the focus of interest. In fact, all the participating artists are engaged to or from several disciplines: in addition to the context of art itself, speak of their work also located in editing, research, music creation, educational programmes, curating, organising events and reflecting on exhibition spaces.  

These are works that start at the same time questioning both the analysis of content as the actual means of implementation and presentation: devices, methodologies, materials selection, editing, exhibition strategies or building space.

With: Daniel G. Andújar, Sol Calero, Constant Dullaart, Embankment, Herzbeat hotel, Bettina Hutschek, Jeleton, Christopher Kline, Phanos Kyriacou, Regina de Miguel, Alexandra Navratil, Paloma Polo, Teresa Solar, Poderes Unidos and JODI.

A project by Lorenzo Sandoval
With the support of: Ministerio de Cultura de EspañaGeneral Public, GlougauAIRAltes FinanzamtRaum für Projektion.
Collaborator: Spanische Botschaft