Jan 8, 2015

OUT OF ORDER PAINTING/VISUAL ART WORKSHOPS interaction/relation between music/sound and painting/visuals.  ALTES FINANZAMT 14th - 15th January

MULTIVERSAL presents OUT OF ORDER as part of Vorspiel 2015 by Transmediale and CTM, from 14th-17th of January at Neu West Berlin, Altes Finanzamt and Ex -Stasi building: workshops, concerts, performances, exhibitions, installations.


What is the limit and what is the error?
What is the connection between them in our space, relationships, movement and life?
Going over the limit can be a recognition of the error?
The huge technological development that is shaping our society forces us to a constant confrontation with the error: a wrong web page, an annoying sound or an unintelligible image. When we face this situations we start to question the system itself and understand the complexity of the world we live in.
On an acoustic level the noise is more and more present in our everyday life, it is something that is becoming familiar to everyone of us. This is true also for other level of perception, both visually and sensorial.
Our event “Out of Order” wants to focus on a better understanding of the limit that brings us to the understanding the meaning of error and its awareness through music, painting and visually.

There will be 2 workshops on two days, both for beginners and advanced level practitioners.

Oliver Orthuber
The aim of this workshop is to provide tools and techniques that are used to create a connection to the Auditory on a visual level. The Main focus is the practical performance. The participants should find out by themselves what techniques and tools are best for them to connect with the live musicians by experimenting.
The workshop is structured into the following parts:
  1. painting/drawing interaction with live musicians
  • automatic drawing
  • action painting
  • all-over-painting
  • drip painting
  1. generate with painting/drawing noises and interact with live musicians
  • drops on metal plate which is connected to contact mics
  • drawing on a wall which is connected to contact mics

Wednesday, 14th
2 pm - 5 pm
Thursday, 15th
2 pm - 5 pm

Liz Crossley/Marie Donath
Drawing with all of yourself and with others.
Three hours experimenting with drawing as a total experience.
Using brain, ears, eyes, hands, the whole body.
Perception of line and movement. Feeling the line within you. Working „blind“.
Line as movement from within to the outside, leaving a visible spoor if there is a mark-maker* in your hand, or mouth or foot or on your head. „Line dancing.“
In this workshop, having live musicians there leads to focus on the input through the ears and vibrations in the body.
We'll use different instruments and see what variety of expressions the play between you, the musician, the instrument or mark-maker* and the surface create.
*leads, pens, crayons, pastels, brushes, fingers, hands & inks
When we have warmed up we will try out what we have experienced on overhead projectors, individually and then with overlays as a group performance.
With a selection of acoustic objects and material for analogue projections
We will try to develop a language between sound and vision.

Through getting to know our individual way to express sound in image and vice versa we can develop a way for communication between us.
Based on action and reaction we can play with the impulses we give each other.
Rules or not - it's up to you/us.

Wednesday, 14th
10 am - 1 pm
Thursday, 15th
10 am - 1 pm

Registration required / 1 day 45€ / 2 days 80 €
subscribe multimultiversal@gmail.com subject:workshops deadline for subscription: 12.01.2015
ALTES FINANZAMT : Schönstedtstraße 7 - EG Neukölln 12043 Berlin U7 Rathaus Neukölln (Exit Schönstedtstraße)

Oliver Orthuber
1970 born in Simbach am Inn; lives and works in Berlin
17.10.2014 Als ich ein Punkrocker war, Kühlspot Berlin (Solo Show)
04.09.2014 - 30.11.2014 Kunstvisite, Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin
27.09.2014 Meetartmorphosis, Continuous Drawing Performance, Berlin (Performance)
20.08.2014 - 23.08.2014 Am Eye The Picture, Art-Sound Festival, Berlin (Solo-Show)
10.07.2014 - 27.07.2014 EinWandZeichnen, Schöneweider Art Festival, Berlin
13.06.2014 - 06.07.2014 Make Money/Macht Geld, Schalterraum, Berlin
01.06.2014 - 06.06.2014 The Body Electric, Semi-Final Round, saatchiart.com
31.05.2014 - 08.06.2014 Wettbewerbsausstellung in der Kunstschranne, Weißenburg
13.03.2014 - 22.03.2014 Pimmel Mann, JBK107, Doha (+Zekreet Desert, Doha) (Solo-Show)
12.10.2013 - 01.02.2014 Die Perfektheit und das Fehler, G.A.S.-Station, Berlin
21.09.2013 - 22.09.2013 Partizipia 2013, d-52.raum für zeitgenössische kunst, Düsseldorf
03.09.2013 - 30.11.2013 Kunstvisite, Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin
11.11.2012 – 02.12.2012 Losito Kunstpreis„Grosses Waisenhaus zu Potsdam“, Potsdam
27.04.2012 - 02.05.2012 BAGL Springtime 2012, Berlin
16.08.2011 - 01.10.2011 Streetmuseum Momaca Borken

Liz Crossley
1949 born in Kimberley, South Africa
Master of Fine Art, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa; from 2002 is Member of the board for Art in Public Spaces in Berlin.
2011 Lernen - Kennen, Galerie Alte Schule, Berlin, GE
2010 A Country Imagined, Cap San Diego, Hamburg, GE
2009 Catalogue publication of UMBRA SUMUS and Green strip booklet
2008 UMBRA SUMUS - Shadows we are - Here we are!, artSPACE berlin, SE
2005 The Past is not Dead!, Rosa Luxemburg foundation, South Africa
2004 This Was A City, William Humphries Art Gallery, Kimberley , SE
2003 Culture of Peace (conference), Akademie der Künste, Berlin, SE
This Was a City, Peter Herrmann Galerie, Berlin, SE
2002 Berlin Conference, Peter Herrmann Galerie, Berlin, GE
2000 Heimat Kunst, Land=histories and Afri-Cult 2000, House of World
Licht-Fluß-Köpenick, StadtKunstProjekte, 4. Mai Salon Köpenick, Berlin, projection with
Land=hiSTORIES, Bundesumweltamt, and Karl Hofer Galerie, Berlin, SE
1999 See with Blinding Sight, Kulturhaus Erfurt, light projection on St Paul 's Tower, GE
1997 Washline – Dreamline , 1. Mai Salon Köpenick, Berlin, projection, action, GE
A Field for Nonquawuse, Gallery in the Scheunenviertel, Berlin, SE
1996 Kunsthalle, Bielefeld, installation on Irma Stern GE
Looking back – Looking Forward, Association of Visual Arts Gallery (Cape Town) and Mc Gregor Museum (Kimberley), and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (Bonn), SE
1995 AN OTHER, Women Art Historians Conference, Trier, projection, text by Dr. Below
Work commissioned by the Künstlersozialförderung, Berlin
1993 Leiter, Berliner Zeitung Gallery, SE
1992 Light and Shadow, German Opera, Berlin, projection for the premiere of Cruel Garden
1989 Women-Culture-Culture-Women, Academy of Arts, Berlin (West), projection with Roswitha Baumeister, GE
Ursa Major, „Berlinerinnenstadt“, Rathaus Schöneberg, with R. Baumeister, GE
1978-1981 Pigeon Wings, publication (Curwen Press), book exhibitions in Chicago, Frankfurt, London, GE

1973 Association of Arts, Cape Town, SE