Sep 6, 2013

An exhibited working space - 7th and 8th of September

Artist Freja Bäckman is setting up shop in Altes Finanzamt Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of September between 12 and 6pm as a part of her participation in Konstrundan (Art Circuit), an annual open studio weekend presenting artists, artisans and designers and their work, from the Swedish-speaking region of Finland. 
My artistic practice is situated on the intersection of political work and education, where collaborations with others, in various forms, is the central starting point. The meetings and discussions that emerge play a significant role, as the situation created and the process arrived from it. The collaboration in itself, how to work in a group, is one of the topics that interests me, with questions around the “We”, temporary as well as more consisting formations.
Using a wide range of working methods, self-organized as well as inside institutions, often using context specific and performative strategies. 
Some of the more long term groups I am working in is the nGbK workgroup WIR SPIELEN (WE PLAY) and Land-Institut.

Saturday the 7th of September at 3pm
A Group Discussion on the Topic of Workshops