May 15, 2013

From 23th to 26th May

PIC_Pieces in Chain


"PIC – Pieces in Chain" is an event around Performance Art, Documentation and Scores, curated and organized by Bassano Bonelli Bassano, Barbara Marcel, Camila Rhodi, Maicyra Leão and Vera Sofia Mota. During the 4 days event,  artists will present their works and also create dispositives involving the audience. On the final day, traces of these interactions with the audience will be presented, as well as new collaborative performance pieces.

The event is part of the Month of Performance Art - Berlin 2013.

23.05 (thursday)
From 19h
Pedro Costa
Karl Thorbergsson
Rodrigo Garcia Alves
Mc Xuparina

24.05 (friday)
From 19h
Camila Rhodi
Vera Mota & Maru Mushtrieva
D von Wilt
Mab Cardoso

25.05 (saturday)
From 16h
Moritz Geiser
Valentina Jäger
Maicyra Leão
Camila Bastos & Maria Fernanda Lopes
Karl Thorbergsson
Kirsty Kross

Everyday: Barbara Marcel
Yael Sherill

26.05 (sunday)
From 16h
E  V  E  R  Y  B  O  D  Y