Feb 12, 2013

Flea Market

Well, first edition of our Flea Market at Altes Finanzamt went great!! It was then the first edition of a monthly venue. More people than expected came and sellers were happy with the result. Brian Bustos was selling his crayon drawings on book pages and wall paper, Barbara Fonseca showed her illustrations with her friend Inez (Veils & Mirrors), and vintage clothes from Anabella Baptista da Cruz, more stuff by Moritz Drung and the Altes Finanzamt stand with rests of things done here and donations. I think we all had fun in a familiar cosy atmosphere. "The entity" was running on the wall in a loop and the soundtrack was the music made by Sébastien de la Blanche (Marie Dior) and Moritz´s Ipod. The Caldo Verde made by Lorenzo was a total success and my tortilla never saw the light, since I was so busy at the end controlling everything and opening the door. So, next month more and better!