Dec 14, 2012

SOFT POWER ARCHIVE; Opening: Saturday 15th December 2012.


Soft Power is a curatorial project on biotechnology and life sciences.
Started in the Bask Country in 2009, Soft Power has showed the work of artists, activists and critics reflecting on the impact of biotech innovations on economy, environment, health, food and life styles, through a wide range of activities. The catalogue has been published in 2012 by consonni.
To celebrate the launch of the catalogue we will display at Altes Finanzamt part of the archive of the project. You will find documentation of the artworks and activities as well as a selection of the books that have inspired the project.

Curated by: Maria Ptqk
For further information about the project, please check:

Soft Power 2009-2011
Exhibition with: subRosa, Bureau d’Etudes, Boryana Rossa, Rachel Mayeri, Sally Gutierrez.
Documentation display: CAE Defense Fund.
Screenings: “We feed the world” by Erwin Wagenhofer, “The world according to Monsanto” by Marie-Monique Robin, “Organ Market” by Sally Gutierrez, “XXY” by Lucia Puenzo.
Talks and discussions: Bureau d’Etudes, subRosa, Ignacio Mendiola, Itziar Ziga, Beatriz Preciado.
Performances: subRosa, Pierre Bongiovanni, Marianela Ruiz León.
Workshops: subRosa, Beatriz Preciado, Maria Ptqk.
Publication: La Bella Durmiente, a newspaper by Bureau d´Etudes.

Maria Ptqk (Ed.)
Works and texts by: Beatriz Preciado, Boryana Rossa, Burreau d´Études, Critical Art Ensemble, Erwin Wagenhofer, Ignacio Mendiola, Itziar Ziga, Lucía Puenzo, Marianela Ruiz León, Marie-Monique Robin, Rachel Mayeri, Sally Gutierrez, subRosa, Vandana Shiva, Walter Mignolo.
Graphic design: Susanne Probst.
Published by consonni, 2012.

Altes Finanzamt: Schönstedtstraße 7, Berlin.