Feb 23, 2012

Book Presentation - Mountainislandglacier. Tuesday, February 28

To mark the first Berlin launch of the publication Mountainislandglacier, BDP would like to invite you to a unique evening presentaion. There will be an exhibition and press conference by The LGB Group to mark their departure for The Armory Show in New York, a talk by Eirik Sördal from Iceland before a roundtable discussion will take place including two of the editors Regina de Miguel and Lorenzo Sandoval.

Running order (all talks will begin on time!):
7:00pm - Doors open
7:30pm - Press conference: John Holten from Paris w/ special guest will give a statement to mark The LGB Group's inclusion at The Armory Show NY
7:50pm - 'Ultimis feré Europe finibus - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet': talk by Eirik Sördal
8:15pm - Roundtable discussion with Regina de Miguel, Lorenzo Sandoval, Eirik Sördal, John Holten from Paris and Miloš Lubarda (LGB)


By Carlos Fernåndez-Pello, Javier Fresneda, Eduardo Hurtado, Regina de Miguel, Antonio R. Montesinos, Lorenzo Sandoval (Eds.)
With Contributions from: Pavla Ascher, Santiago Eraso, Juan Freire, Emanuele Guidi, John Holten, Nicolas Malevé, Markus Miessen, Laurence Rassel, Alan Pauls, Maria Ptqk, Urzsula Wozniak
Artist's catalogue / Anthology
Spanish/English dual editions
190 pages
Broken Dimanche Press
ISBN: 978-3-943196-01-6

After a game-changing year when Europe, in all its tangible and intangible consequences reached far and wide, BDP are proud to announce one of our most ambitious compilations of art, writing and investigation on our contemporary’s troubled, shape-shifting realities. In a unique dual book publication (English/Spanish editions) edited by the group ‘Correspondence from Eyjafjallajökull’ the book contains the artistic results and research of the group, along with eleven probing and insightful carefully selected ‘collaborations’. These diverse entries take many forms, including fiction, essay, polemnic,

After working together as a research group centering around the event that was Eyjafjallajökull in May 2010, ‘Correspondence from Eyjafjallajökull’ went about re-examining the idea of Europe. With no air traffic possible, Europe found itself connected in a very physical way, a unity that is the opposite in many ways of how ‘Europe’ has been so recently conceived. Through various forms of artistic research and development new, kaleidoscopic perspectives of Europe came about, moving from peripheries such as Turkey and Iceland itself, moving inward to the imaginative world of European identity creation.

With a strong focus on the problematic nature of European discourse as it currently is offered, the recent rise of protests movements in Spain appear in contributions from Maria Ptqk, Emanuele Guidi, Juan Freire and Santiago Eraso: the 15th May Movement in Spain and The Arab Spring pre-dated but also foretold the wider Occupy movement of 2012, an incredible year in which protest and the right to protest swept the world in myriad forms. The playful use of fiction to create stories and identity is evident in contributions from Pavla Ascher, John Holten and Alan Pauls. Re-imagining the line of Europe’s borders opens the anthology with Urzsula Wozniak’s essay on Turkey’s relationship with Europe, while Markus Miesson offers an extension of the realm of what can be thought of as ‘Europe’ with an extract from his East Coast Europe project

In An Ideal World, in An Ideal Week: LGB èEurope è New York
Eine LGB Barbarendurchbruch für die Veröffentlichung von Mountainislandglacier
Artist's catalogue / Anthology
Spanish/English dual editions
190 pages
ISBN: 978-3-943196-01-6

Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstraße 7, Neukölln (Ground floor)
February 28, 19 – 22h

To mark the attendance of The LGB Group in this year’s Armory Show, Broken Dimanche Press are pleased to present a press preview and conference in Berlin of the work of Djordje Bojic before it is shipped to the island that is NYC, executed by Darko Dragicevic, and a lecture performance by John Holten, editor of Bojic’s seminal memoire To Warmann (The ‘Introduction’ of which is included in the anthology Mountainislandglacier).
The LGB Group were directly influenced by the Dadaist Ljubomir Micic and his Zenitism movement from the 1920s – and a key part of Micic’s work were his ‘Barbarian Raids’ (Barbarendurchbruch) on western Europe by the eastern fringes: a cultural revitalisation through the energy and potential of the Balkans. Having successfully raided central European capital cities in 2011 – including Oslo, Berlin and Brussels – The LGB Group are now focused on New York City, where they will be presenting work at The Armory Show at the invitation of Gallery D.O.R.
Two works by Djordje Bojic will be exhibited, one of which being ‘contracted’ by D.O.R. as part of their unique neo-relational experiment for The Armory Show. John Holten will then give a brief overview of Bojic and the legacy of his LGB movement, before a press conference will take place, moderated by Eirik Sördal who himself, by way of Iceland, connected east and west and set the process going of an LGB reunion in 2009.
A discussion between friends, a declaration of incursion, the publication of a new book. An evening of bridges.