Oct 19, 2011

The Institute of Exploratory Ology Presents: FIELD STUDIES

19th of October

 The Institute of Exploratory Ology Presents:

Developed in an open format, this public presentation proposes a reflection on the productive role of certain human sciences dedicated to the study of actions and thought-processes within particular groups of the past and in the present time.

... In articulating this analysis we propose a series of works that suggest the creation of an "exploratory ology." Evoking some of the areas between encyclopedic appropriation, ethnomusicology and taxonomy, we envision a journey through the transforming potential of cognitive narratives, the perception and psychological state of bodies in the middle of a forest of signs.

Research, displays, and demonstrations conducted:

FIELD STUDIES by Sol Calero and Christopher Kline

NOTHING IS LEFT TO TELL by Emanuel Almborg

-20:00- SA by B.R.

-21:00- CARGO REPORT by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

-21:30- Snakebraid

Curated by Lorenzo Sandoval