Sep 12, 2013

Disruptive Patterns. Plots, Plans and Movements. (Prelude)

Opening: 16th of September.
Exhibition: From the 16th till the 20th of September.

Exhibiton with Samuel Beckett, Isabel Carvalho, Chistopher Kline, Hanne Lippard, Laura McLardy, Georges Perec and Aiko Tezuka.

Performances by Hanne Lippard, Christopher Kline and
Laura McLardy feat. Tammin Julian Lee.

A project by Lorenzo Sandoval.

   How were transitions to be made from mathematical spaces (i.e. from the mental capacities of the human species, from logic) to nature in the first place, to practice in a second, and thence to the theory of social life – which also presumably must unfold in space?
     – Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space.

    .-dis – cursus – Originally the action of running here and there, coming and going, measures taken, plots and plans. (…) The fragment of discourse can be called figures. The word is to be understood, not in its rhetorical sense but rather in its gymnastic or choreographic acceptation.
     – Roland Barthes, A Lover´s Discourse.
    A fickle repetition, which emerges in the shape of architectonic activity planning.
    A permutation of four rotationally symmetric paths in a quadrant.
    A choreographed displacement of senses.
    A dyslexic logic of the reiteration of the words.
    A conscious plan for a distortion of a western tapestry.
    A routine of diagrammatic gestures from a political score.
    A series of definitions that intersect at the meaning of the space.
    Disruptive Patterns: camouflage trances for productive spaces of resistance, the practice of an Oulipian imagination growing over the architecture of the discipline. Compulsive fragments of meaningless data in meaningful connections which conforms a cognitive plot.


Exhibition opens at 19:00.
Performances start at 20:00.