Jun 18, 2013


Vera Sofia Mota & Maru Mushtrieva

28/29/30 June 2013 - Altes Finanzamt, Berlin

Departuring from the concept of “factofiction”, a concept we have been developing for some time together, the aim of this workshop is to collectively problematize and propose some experiments around possible connections and interferences in fictional, narrative and performative practices.
What we call “factofiction” is our way to relate to the notion of the fictional potentiality of almost any kind of narration. The factual field of events transforms itself into a database and its creative usage allows us the storytelling.
The constructed nature of any, even autobiographical, storytelling lays in the teleological attempt to explain our lives and to relate ourselves accordingly to the outside world. Leaning on this assumption and working within the frames of both literary and performative theory, we will try to figure out in our workshop how we can use its creatively.
The workshop will be divided into three interindependent blocks.
In the first block we will concentrate on the construction of individual and collective portraits, considering biographical aspects as triggers and elements for the construction and circulation of stories in a performative set, questioning and working on its modes of re-presentation.
In the second block we will cross some bodily and speech practices to experiment and understand how, through the activation of some pre-architecturated systems and dealing with translation, description, comment, narration, choreography and movement generation processes we can work on the emergence, properties and permutation of some scripts.
The third block will deepen our investigation of fictional practices towards the role of the context in creative processes, by using external triggers and spatial environment, as well as working with textures of narration.

Vera Sofia Mota & Maru Mushtrieva

First Block: 28/6 – 14-20h
Second Block: 29/6 – 14-20h
Third Block: 30/6 – 14-20h

60€ or 20€ per Block

Language: English



Altes Finanzamt


Vera Sofia Mota (Espinho/Portugal,1982) Studied Dance, Choreography, Philosophy, Performance. Develops her work as independent artist, researcher and pedagogue since 2008, collaborating with various artists in the fields of dance, performance, visual arts, music, science, literature. Her body of work includes the pieces We seek everywhere what is beyond things, but what we ever find are only things (2013/work in progress), collaboration with Maru Mushtrieva, Second Love (2012), collaboration with Kristoffer Strom, It's that a world all alive has the strength of a Hell (2010), collaboration with Isabel Simões & Pedro Faria, There is no love like the first (2009), There's always a chord I miss (2008), collaboration with Gustavo Sumpta, and The Passion of Our Love Jesus Christ According to Matthew the Evangelist (2008). Has been teaching some workshops around Composition and Improvisation Methodologies and Strategies in Performance. Has been collaborating in the activities of some independent spaces such as Atelier Concorde (Lisbon), RE.AL (Lisbon), CLOUD (Den Haag), Tatwerk (Berlin). She is a member of Altes Finanzamt since February 2013. Currently lives and works in Berlin.

Maru Mushtrieva (Ufa/Russia, 1985) is studying comparative literature at FU Berlin with the focus on spatial turn theories and traveling literature. Strong focus of her research she lays on the notion of fiction as an evolutionary practice and on the discrepancy between factual and fictional. Since 2011 she has been participating in various workshops in Tatwerk, Berlin, where she first started to develop projects on the border of physical theatre and performance. During the last MPA she presented Symphony N5 in the frames of Tatwerk collective performance A short in the dark, (2012). The attempt to cross the possibilities of text as medium is an inspiration for her work in performance field. Currently lives and works as a freelance journalist and translator in Berlin. Since March 2013 she works the topic of performative and narrative practices in the performative field in collaboration with Vera Sofia Mota.