Feb 8, 2013

Growing Faith by Antoine Renard

The installation "Growing Faith" by Antoine Renard, that saw the light through the project Osmosis showed at Altes Finanzamt as part of the CTM program is lasting a week more!

The opening times will be from 17:00 to 20:00 every day and by appointment. While events are going on the exhibition will also be open to the public.


Macro fertilizer factory for a potential Horizontal Architecture, a soil sculpture. Utopian Ongoing Territory yet to be invented from the subjective temporary signs of a global culture. Based on desire and addiction, fed with money and energy drinks, virtually connected threw social devices and catalyzed by Outer-Space substances.

«To culture mean to grow, to irrigate, to nourish something that take time to mature. This is often the way in which the word «culture» is made to do its work in a laboratory setting. Culture, in this sense, is the ongoing labor of the production of different forms of life.»
*Extract form Raqs Media Collective essay «To culture» edited in Cultures of the Curatorial,
SternbergPress edition, 2012*

Antoine Renard. 2013