Jan 16, 2013



Antoine Renard

Ralo Mayer

Joe Hamilton

James Howard

No energy is needed in the physical process of osmosis. A solvent crosses the semi-permeable membrane and reaches the most concentrated part without any effort. Since the process of osmosis in the field of ideas is understood as the influence between different cultural areas, contamination among images or translations connecting diverse branches of knowledge, we wish to explore this effect through the works of a selection of contempo­rary cultural producers. 

Technologies and their tools are suppo­sed to be used to solve problems, achieve goals or improve a pre-existing solution to a problem. But what happens when those tech­nologies are just improving unnecessary goals or covering superficial or fictional necessities? New necessities and new needs are being crea­ted in order to keep the wheel of consumption turning, and so the production of more and more items is insured and the advances in technologies are catering for these fake needs and forgetting sometimes the real necessities of our times. We aim to bring this natural character to our project and establish a dialo­gue between the works, choosing artworks that can easily interact with each other in a concep­tual and aesthetical way, questioning the social role of the “techniques” and how they excite the contents that produce mutant bodies of knowledge and remixed visual imagery. 

Our criteria is based on the potential creation of new narratives developed from the overwhelming amount of information that surrounds us everyday and from the crosso­ver of elements coming from different cultural and geographical origins or spots, and our aim is to build a hybrid new discourse, as a result that acts as an icon of a new era of cultural and informational osmosis, and to erase the boun­dary between the different worlds that are a part of the same one through the tool of the natural interaction and exchange, the same way as a cell does.

curated by Lorenzo Sandoval and Gabriela Acha