Aug 31, 2011


October, Thursday 6th
MATADOR PROJEKTRAUM presents "Field Studies"
"Inopia CRG: Case 0" by Antonio R. Montesinos

Openning: next Thursday 6th, 20:00

The suggested intervention belongs to the series I define as inopias, which consists of the recreation of different urban models in the form of scale models and dioramas.

When planning the representation of a certain space, a diagram, cartography or a diorama we usually pursue to represent reality. The series Inopias poses something very different as it tries to use these types of representation in order to stage and restore possible fictions. Such fictions do not attempt to build up ideal utopias or models where to self-reflect, but subjective micro fictions: personal ways of seeing reality. Thereby a little scene is posed on each Diorama, a small narrative fiction combining both real and made up data.

On this particular occasion, we attempt to work from the layout of Cañada Real Galiana, a large, illegal settlement of sixteen kilometers and 40,000 residents from four different ethnic communities, located in the area around Madrid. The interest for this illegal settlement comes from some models of town construction that can be found there, which are likely to be called emergent or bottom-up and cast doubt upon the traditional approach to urban planning.